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Product Guarantee

10 Year Guarantee

10 year guarantee

Congratulations on your purchase of awnings made from Defab's Somerton® Range of Somerton acrylic fabrics.

Somerton acrylic is an environmentally friendly 100% dope dyed acrylic fibre. Somerton acrylic provides for identical shading on the front and back to provide a visually consistent finish; same pattern or colour on both sides. When the need to balance blockout has to be managed against the desire for colour and view, Somerton acrylic offers a premium sun protection fabric. Somerton acrylic provides the perfect balance in translucency, colour and view offering all year round protection from the elements.

Defab guarantees the superior quality of Somerton® Somerton acrylic fabrics. Furthermore Defab will arrange for the free replacement of your Somerton® Somerton view fabric if it fails due to faults in manufacturing or coating for an extended period of 10 years. This guarantee is only valid if the attached care instructions are followed.

This guarantee, which is offered in addition to any warranty required by law, is offered subject only to the following:

  • The attached Guarantee Registration Certificate is to be correctly completed and returned to Defab within 60 days of installation of the awnings containing Defab Somerton® Somerton acrylic fabrics.
  • The Somerton® Somerton acrylic fabric is not subjected to unreasonable treatment or conditions and is maintained in accordance with the notes on 'Care of Defab Somerton range Fabrics' and 'Care Instructions'.

Claims against this guarantee are to be made through the supplier or fabricator of the awning.

This guarantee relates to Defab Somerton® Somerton acrylic fabrics only. In particular, it excludes the manufacture and installation of the awning and other devices.


Care instructions & general cleaning

Somerton acrylic fabric has a unique Dupont Teflon based protection coating which allows this HI – Clean finish to assist with repellence against the natural formulation of dirt, long – term water – oil repellence and excellent dimensional stability.

It is recommended that in order to best keep Somerton acrylic looking good is to properly maintain the fabric before it requires any vigorous cleaning.

  • Store, pack or roll up only when clean and dry.
  • To remove dirt, brush dry fabric with a soft brush
  • Simply hosing down with clean water may remove dust and some ingrained dirt allowing to air dry completely.
  • Never scrub the fabric.
  • Always use mild soap if required to assist with stubborn stains and rise thoroughly with cold to lukewarm water to remove soap residue and allow to air dry only ; never apply heat to Somerton acrylic fabrics
  • Although the coated surface of Somerton acrylic is non – absorbent, immediately remove deposits of organic matter (such as soil, grass cuttings, leaf litter, bird droppings, vehicle exhaust, pollutants etc)
  • If stubborn stains persist, the use of a diluted chlorine bleach/mild soap mixture for spot cleaning of mildew or other similar stains is advocated
  • Do not use solvents or other abrasive cleaners


The somerton acrylic range

Defab Somerton acrylic fabrics are engineered and manufactured to resist the effects of Australia's ever-changing weather conditions. International standards and procedures are in place to guarantee quality fabric reaching the end-user. The fabricator should carefully assess the suitability of the fabric for the particular application and the customer should apply through care and maintenance to ensure satisfactory performance and longevity.


When you receive your somerton acrylic installation

Extend the awning fully and thoroughly if this is not a permanent fixed frame application. Inspect the installation application with the installer. Confirm your choice of design and check that the guarantee has been signed by the fabricator so you can register for the Defab extended 10 year guarantee.


Tips for longer life of somerton acrylic fabric

Somerton acrylic will not shrink under normal operating conditions in service as the fabric is dimensionally stable.

  • Awnings manufactured from Somerton acrylic should be used fully extended. Periodically adjust awnings to their fullest extension if they have been used partly retracted for any length of time.
  • Only roll up your awnings when clean and dry.
  • Somerton acrylic air dries very quickly. Machine drying is not necessary.
  • Always roll up your awnings in high winds and storms - the leverage exerted can strain fittings and mountings.
  • Keep your awnings clean. Do not mow lawns or clean gutters etc near awnings when they are extended.
  • Regular sponging with lukewarm soapy water proceeded by a cold water hose down will in most instances remove general fabric soiling to further extend the life expectancy of the fabric
  • To help prevent the possible growth of mildew of the acrylic fabric, you can spray with a solution of 50% white vinegar and 50% cold water. This process is more likely after years of continuous service if the finished product has been exposed on going to all the elements.