Defab Weavers


Defab's commitment to quality through a unique combination of quality, competitive pricing and quick delivery lies at the cornerstone of the company's success to date. The cornerstone of the company’s success to date has been its continued commitment of investment in its people who are focused centrally on the needs of its customers both internally and externally through the implementation of unique marketing strategies ensuring unsurpassed quality, competitive pricing and quick delivery.

Stringent quality control processes are maintained and also further supplemented by the business; utilsing its own state of the art testing laboratories as well as NATA approved facilities of the Australian Wool Testing Authorities (AWTA)

Defab's employees are required to actively participate in the company's drive for quality leadership through regular education and training.

Defab has evolved from being a specialist contract weaver to having a recognised and respected history now as a global manufacturer and supplier of respected brand fabrics.