Defab Weavers


2010. Major capital investments in coating and technologies as well as Human Resources implemented all centered around the changing needs of both immediate and future customers

2009. Continued market development and growth experienced nationally and internationally by the business and its customers despite increased local and overseas competitor activity

2007. With increasing emphasis on Defab branded products, the company has focused on producing and supplying fabrics that meet the ever-changing needs of people and the environment in a global market.

1995. Most canvas converters were purchasing their quality fabrics from Defab and installation of a state of the art canvas coating mill commenced.

1991. Defab moves to a purpose built weaving plant in Campbellfield complete with environmental controls to assist in maximising efficiency and quality.

1985. Whilst big orders for apparel fabrics had almost dried up, Defab was already producing niche products for industrial markets.

1982. Deciding to engage in more value added manufacturing, Defab commenced selling its own branded apparel fabrics.

1980. Defab is already a large business with approximately 30 employees.

1976. Defab commenced operations in Reservoir, Victoria, Australia as a commission based weaver of apparel fabrics at a time when the TCF sector was experiencing major restructure with many company's closing their doors due to reduced protectionism.